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An Object of Beauty - Steve Martin First sentence: "I am tired, so very tired of thinking about Lacey Yeager, yet worry that unless I write her story down, and see it bound and tidy on my bookshelf, I will be unable to ever write about anything else."

P. 99: "There were paintings that were intentionally bad, which was an easier goal to reach than those trying to be intentionally good."

Last sentence: "I sent Tanya the manuscript, but I have not yet heard from her."

What a great book... Of course, being an art historian and a philosopher, I tend to like books about art and philosophy, and this book really has it all. I liked the story of Lacey, a young woman trying to make her carrier in the art-world of New York, but I really loved Martin's critical and sometimes cynical view on art and the art world (When an object of beauty becomes an object of value). I'm only sorry I didn't take notes while reading; so many times I thought: "Oh, this is so good, I 'll have to remember this", and of course I forgot.

Definitely worth reading this book, even if you have only the slightest interest in art and all the forces working around it.