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Between the Land and the Sea - Derrolyn Anderson First sentence: "The surfer sat upright on his board, blue eyes intensely focused as he scanned the action at the breakers."
P. 99: "No one joined us, and pretty soon it became apparent to me that Cruz and Megan were social outcasts."
Last sentence: "Listening to each other breathe, all we needed was simply to be together, earth and water in perfect harmony."

From Smashwords: The first installment in the "Marina's Tales" series, "Between The Land And The Sea" is a sweet romantic suspense. After she discovers a mermaid lurking in the deep waters off the California coast, Marina survives one dangerous adventure after another. Along the way she finds first love, discovering just how strong and brave she really is as she uncovers shocking secrets about her unusual past.

This book was pure fun to read, although it would have been better if I could have read it while lying on a beach, hearing the sea in the background. The story has got twists enough for wanting to keep turning the pages, and the main characters are all friendly, talented, sympathetic people. It didn't even bother me that there were mermaids involved. I just put off thinking, and enjoyed the story.
In short, a great summer read.