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A Change In Altitude - Anita Shreve After reading a review of this book on De Boekblogger (in Dutch: http://boekblogger.wordpress.com/)I was interested in this book, and when I stumbled upon it for a very reasonable price at the Bookdepository, I decided to buy it. And what a great decision that was.
I had never read anything by Shreve, although I knew her name, but what had always kept me from buying her books are the covers. To me, they look like chick-lit, a genre I don't really like. But this is absolutely not the case.

In A Change of Altitude, Shreve tells the story of a young couple that moved to Kenya a couple of months after they got married. Patrick has a job there, as a doctor, but Margaret at first feels a bit lost, although she learns to love the country relatively soon, despite some drawbacks (theft, corruption, poverty, racial issues, etc.). But then something awful happens that changes their life and their marriage completely.

Shreve knows how to capture characters, emotions and atmospheres in her book and gives some historical facts on the way.

i think I have discovered (again) a new favourite author.

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